Whitney Museum of American Art, USA


The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York required solutions that satisfy the art museum’s unique requirements, while offering maximum security without compromising the elegant interior.


Owing to the museum’s unique security and aesthetic requirements, it was important ASSA ABLOY could offer solutions that satisfy a number of different specific requirements, such as the means to make door openings larger when art works are to be moved between different parts of the building.


ASSA ABLOY took into account the unique requirements for each of the building’s 450 door openings. Traditional swing or glazed doors were used in some corridors, while special solutions were required in others, with several adjacent doors to obtain an extra-wide opening, when artworks are to be moved.

Another requirement was doors with different security levels. In many cases the doors were fitted with electronic lock products to maintain security, in both galleries and staff areas. Sargent’s patented key system with several different authorization levels provides an extra security dimension.