People, ASSA ABLOY's Greatest Asset

A diverse and inclusive work culture lays the foundation for growth and excellence.

Closing the gap

Recognizing a need to drive sustainable growth, ASSA ABLOY strives to bring together an international melting pot of talents and opinions not only as an equal opportunity employer, but a true leader with a desire to build a phenomenal team. Today, our management team represents 28 nationalities from different parts of the world. One of our strategic objectives include enlarging the proportion of female staff in senior positions by 30% in 2020.

Gender equality is not only corporate social responsibility, but also a smart business move. In an increasingly competitive business environment, only the companies that amass new perspectives from a diverse team can continue to evolve and find an edge in the market. Watch this video for more elaboration.  

ASSA ABLOY understands that the beauty of diversity comes with a wealth of perspectives and innovative contributions to meet ever-changing needs. That’s why we systematically balance age, gender, industrial background, ethnicity, culture and religion in different divisions and departments across its 70+ offices worldwide.

Meet our people

A great team is an inclusive and connected one made up of confident individuals. ASSA ABLOY welcomes creative talents with an open and friendly work environment where they can test ideas and a world of opportunities to advance professionally and as an individual.

Take a second to read what Denis, Jennifer and Sunny like about working at ASSA ABLOY and if you long for the same experience, explore our job openings for opportunities more exciting than you’ve ever imagined.