Innovative Technologies in Action

Always pursuing innovation and creating new transformative experiences, HID Global announced its support in 2019 for Seos-enabled contactless student IDs in Apple Wallet on iPhone or Apple Watch.

All students, faculty, and staff at Clemson University will be able to use these student IDs across campus to access buildings, utilize university resources, purchase meals, and more.

Using ASSA ABLOY’s readers, reader modules, electronic locks, and Seos-enabled credentials, HID Global is helping to cultivate a more connected and accessible university experience that can be shared by all.

Supporting transformative innovations

Product leadership is a central force for ASSA ABLOY’s organic growth. Our Shared Technologies division work to ensure that there is a constant flow of common group products, platforms, and interfaces through Global Technology Platforms. Global Platforms are essential to product leadership because they are cheap and fast. We take software that can be used globally, then adjust and diversify them at a local level to suit local needs and standards.

Currently, major Global Platforms in development by Shared Technologies are CLIQ, Aperio, Hi-O, Accentra and Seos. Accentra, a more recently developed cloud-based access control system is a scalable infrastructure that focuses on providing for multifamily buildings and small to medium-sized enterprises. Complementing such existing electronic access control systems and end products is Aperio technology, a wireless communications protocol connecting mechanical locks to online access control systems at a short distance.

Whereas CLIQ’s electronic cylinder is a back-end technology, using advanced microelectronics to create a secure locking system that incorporates flexible and customizable access control solutions for a diverse range of products.

Act fast to be in the lead

Adopting global product platforms is not only cheaper and faster, but effectively shares the burden of development across company divisions. With the efforts of Shared Technologies, we are able to maintain superlative product leadership while improving the innovation process through localization and diversification.