Building Innovation Through BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology is becoming an increasingly indispensable tool for the innovators of today.

Facilitating better collaboration between stakeholders, and vastly improving the design and specification process, BIM is changing how we build, visualise, and share our ideas. 

Openings Studio unlocks the future of BIM technology through its industry-leading suite of BIM software tools designed to improve the process of creating and visualising 3D doors, frames, and hardware objects. Within a highly interactive 3D BIM environment, users are able to create “complete opening” models with doors, frames and hardware specifications. 

Designed exclusively for architects, contractors, distributors, facility owners and security consultants, Openings Studio encompasses all sorts of buildings projects and applications. As a collaborative software solution, owners, architects, and stakeholders are able to design, install, and manage openings seamlessly and efficiently, optimising the full potential of BIM technology.


More than just a design studio

Openings Studio not only provides full design integration but also product information and performance data to ensure budgets and building regulations are adhered to. With maximum efficiency in mind, the software can create door schedules according to fire certifications and energy performance documents, allowing contractors to assess in detail component specifications, links to suppliers, and installation instructions. 

The ongoing performance and maintenance of audited buildings can also be observed via QR codes and weblinks to associated documents, meaning information can be managed readily and effectively even post-construction. 

As a seamless integration software, Opening Studios is the premier door and hardware plugin for Autodesk Revit. This means that you can share your Revit model with an ASSA ABLOY consultant and collaborate to provide project-specific door schedules, hardware sets, and specification sections.

Data protection is our priority

Committed to the protection and safety of your information, Openings Studio complies to the highest data protection standards. All project data and geometry collected or transmitted during the project analysis process remains in Openings Studio and is not sold to outside parties for data mining or marketing purposes. 

Taking strides to change the building landscape, Openings Studio optimises BIM technology to make advances in design, specification, delivery, and asset management processes. Enabling effective collaboration between all stakeholders involved, Openings Studio is the ultimate software solution for today’s creators.